Two Easy Ways to Reduce Calcium Build Up in the Pool

Calcium build up is a common occurrence in swimming pool maintenance that many homeowners experience. The good news is it can be easily managed to slow down the process of calcium build up. Aquaman Pools suggests two simple steps to help slow the buildup of calcium in the pool. But first, let’s get to the bottom of how and why calcium builds up in the pool in the first place.

Calcium buildup on the pool’s tiles, which typically appears as white crystals, is a result of the amount of calcium in the water. (Makes sense, right?) Calcium in the water comes from the many chemicals that are added to the pool water each week to maintain the water’s balance. Sometimes calcium buildup is a result of an imbalance of absorption because the water may not be able to hand all the chemicals being added.

If calcium build up gets out of hand, a pool owner might require the help of a calcium removal service. So it’s important to stay on top of it — and this can easily be done with some routine maintenance.

Brush the Water Line — Calcium buildup can occur almost anywhere in the pool that is under the water, but the most common place it appears is at the water line. The simple task of scrubbing the tiles along the water line of the pool on a weekly basis can help slow the buildup of calcium on the pool’s tiles.

Backwash the Pool — Another simple way to slow the natural progression of calcium buildup, as well as other total dissolved liquids, is to backwash the pool. During the process, the overly saturated water in the pool is replaced with fresh water, which is likely lower in retention that the existing pool water.

Both of these tips are simple and require no cost to the homeowner, so it’s a good idea to do these things on a regular basis to slow calcium buildup and avoid the need for a professional removal service. Of course, Aquaman Pools professional pool technicians are always happy to take on these tasks, and many more, to keep valley residents’ pools sparkling clean and healthy all year round. For those that are looking for an experienced, dependable and courteous pool service and repair company, Aquaman Pools is standing by!