Water Saving Tips for Pool Owners

Most financially savvy homeowners are always looking for ways to conserve energy, electricity, water and more to lower their monthly bills. Swimming pool owners may especially want to consider this when it comes to how they care for their pool. Aquaman Pools shares some water-saving tips that can lead to monetary savings too!

Cover the Pool — Pool covers have come a long way and many are automatic, so the pool can be covered with just the touch of a button. For those that don’t use their pools at all during particular seasons, who travel or who simply want to conserve water loss due to evaporation, a pool cover is a solution! Properly fitting pool covers not only help conserve water by reducing evaporation, they can reduce the costs of heating the pool as well as chemical costs.


Don’t Overfill It — Keeping the pool level consistent is beneficial to the pool in many ways. It can help keep pool chemicals properly balanced — and it can ensure water is not lost to overflow or excess splash out when it’s time to dive in!

Limit Use of Water Features — Water falls, fountains and more can certainly add to the beauty and aesthetics of the backyard environment, but they can add to water waste and higher water bills too. Manage use of these features and consider an automatic timer that can ensure they are shut off when not in use or being enjoyed.

Don’t Over-Backwash — Many pool owners may feel that backwashing their pool is essential for keeping the pool clean. However, it shouldn’t be done unnecessarily, and in fact, manually cleaning the filter versus backwashing is more effective and uses less water.

Reduce Water Temperatures — Warm water evaporates more quickly, so heated pools or hot tubs can quickly contribute to water loss. Consider turning the temperature down a few degrees to reduce water loss and also dial down the financial loss.

Check for Leaks — Water loss due to leaks or cracks in the pool can often go undetected and lead to not only a lot of water waste but also add to the bill if the pool owner is constantly needing to refill the pool to keep it consistently at the proper water level. For pool owners that suspect a leak, a professional pool technician can determine if that is indeed the problem, where the leak is coming from and how to repair it.

Having a pool is a wonderful investment so it’s important to care for it properly to get the full ROI for years to come. With some careful observation, pool water loss can add up to big savings for water conservation and homeowners’ wallets. Win win!