What is Causes Foam in the Pool Water and How to Get Rid of It

With nearly perfect weather for days (and days and days) ahead, now is the time to take advantage of the swimming pool! The pool water should be clean and a crystal-clear blue prior to a dip… but what if it’s not? What if the pool actually has a strange white foam floating on the surface? The experts at Aquaman Pools encourage pool owners not to worry. Pool foam is a fairly common issue — with a fairly easy fix. So let’s talk pool foam…

Pool foam or froth can be a result of a few things. The water’s calcium levels could be too low, the levels of polymer-based chemicals (aka algaecides) could be too high, or there could be an air leak in the pool’s system. It could even be a combination of these things. So how should a pool owner go about figuring out which one it is so they can fix it? Read on.

Foaming caused by chemical levels typically isn’t excessive. There may be some thin froth as a result of these chemicals and the problem can usually be solved by trying a different brand of algaecides. Better quality ones may result in less foaming, for example. Shocking the pool with chlorine can help quickly reduce the foam.

If that does not solve the problem, lack of calcium could be to blame. If the water does not have enough calcium, pool owners can increase calcium hardness to prevent foam from increasing or forming.

Lastly, the foam could be caused by an air flow issue in the return lines. Air leakage could cause a lot of foaming on the pool water and ultimately create unhealthy water. So if an air leak is the culprit, the issue should be dealt with right away. Pool owners can determine whether an air flow issue is at fault by checking the water level in the skimmer and making sure it’s not taking in any air. Next up is a quick assessment of the plumbing fittings. Then check the pump strainer lid for any cracks as well as the strainer O-ring. If there is a suspected air leak, it may be time to call a pool service repair company.

Pool owners can also give their pool professionals at Aquaman Pools a call. They are highly trained and well-versed in pool problem solving. So whether it’s a chemical imbalance or an air leak, they’ll know what to do to return the pool to its healthy, crystal clear state.