When is the Best Time to Remodel a Swimming Pool or Backyard Landscape?

For those considering an update or revamp of their currently backyard landscape or swimming pool, or for those that are thinking about adding an in-ground pool to their backyard, the winter is a good time to start this process for several reasons.

Those in the valley will likely want their pools and backyard oases to before summer time weather makes people want to splash in. It’s important that homeowners anticipate extra time when they are planning the end of their renovations as sometimes projects take more time than was originally slated.

Winter is a great time to start a pool build or renovation project for those that are hoping to have their backyards splash ready come summertime. Most people are not using their backyards or pools as much, so make use of this time to build a dream backyard!

Many swimming pool companies also offer pool renovation and or backyard landscape services. But even if they don’t one’s pool service company can be a great resource when it comes to who should do the work on the pool renovation or backyard landscape project.

Those that choose to renovate in the off season may also benefit from a cost reduction. Not quite as many people may be thinking about their pools until closer to the swim season, so those that get ahead of the game may get lucky when it comes to bids from potential renovations companies. Another benefit of doing a renovation in the off season is that renovation companies may not be as busy, so they can dedicate more time to finishing the project on schedule.

When considering a remodel, there are many factors that are involved so proper planning is essential. Homeowners should set a budget or have a least a ballpark figure in mind of what they want to spend. It’s also a good idea to research types of pools, shapes, materials, filtering options, and cleaning systems and more. When having a pool remodeled or built, consider the pool’s main purpose. Will it be a splash pool for kids, diving or lap pool? A lounge pool with swim-up bar? The options are endless, but having in mind what they really want or need the pool for will help make the process easier for homeowners.

Remodeling the backyard during the pool renovation works well because the backyard is probably not being used at this time anyway, so it allows for multiple contractors or work crews access to multiple areas of the space at once. Regardless of the end goal for the project, it’s important that the homeowner and any contractors/designers/landscapers involved are all in communication with one another and have a clear picture of the project as a whole.