Which to Use: A Solar Blanket or a Solar Pool Cover

You most likely already have heard that using a solar blanket or a solar cover for your swimming pool is, by far, among the simplest as well as best methods for making your pool ecofriendly. Not to mention that it’ll help you to save some cash. In the event that you haven’t been using one, or if you do not actually understand too much about them, it may be difficult to understand how to select which one you should use.

Have you any idea of the differences between these 2 different ways of saving money with your pool? When to use each one is something I’d like to help you to understand in this blog post.

Solar Pool Covers
Solar pool covers should be utilized throughout the typical swimming season. The frequency and time of day to make use of them is largely dependent on when you end up using your pool. For example, should you use your pool during the day, take the cover off just before swimming and replace the cover when you are done utilizing the pool.

Solar Blankets
Solar Blankets are created from a large number of tiny bubbles which actually all work with each other to gather and retain heat in your pool. A solar blanket permits the solar power to pass through it while it is floating on your pool. In addition it’s perfect as a thermal blanket for pools that are heated.

Thus, these work by keeping and using the natural heat coming from solar energy. The heat is kept from easily dispersing into the air because of the particular layout of the blanket and the way it works. The end result is the fact that pool water temperature can be increased by ten to fifteen degrees. It will bring down your heating costs by as much as seventy-five percent, and keep pool water warmer for a longer period of time (thus lengthening your swimming season). The blanket also functions as a barrier to stop debris and leaves from getting into the pool, thus reducing maintenance time.