Will Clorox Chlorine Bleach Help My Green Pool?

This question is something I actually get quite often, but it has a simple answer. A very strong NO! Taking care of a pool can often be a tricky thing, and pool care begins with your pool’s hardware. You need to have a working pump and filtration system suitable for the size of your pool. After that, though, making sure that the appropriate chemicals are being maintained (like chlorine) is a huge factor in your pool’s overall health.

Swimming pool care is something that needs to have the appropriate amounts of chlorine or so many things can go wrong. If you hire someone for this, as soon as the chlorine is added, your pool care professional will first wait so it can dissipate correctly. Afterward, they are going to run a test to make sure that the chlorine is right where it needs to be. Too much can burn everyone’s eyes and skin. Chlorine amounts should be higher in your small hot tub, also. You see, although it’s smaller, germs develop more easily in the heat of that tub.

What About Using Clorox?

One more thing to keep in mind when swimming pool care is needed by your green pool is that all chlorine isn’t created equal. There are various forms of chlorine for distinct pool systems, and and Clorox isn’t one of them.

Powdered Chlorine
This chlorine is simply what you’d think that it would be. It is scattered right into the pool and you can get it in powdered form.

Chlorine Tablets
This chlorine is a particular kind used just with an automatic chlorinating feeder apparatus.

When you finding yourself stuck with a green pool or hot tub and are thinking tossing in a bunch of Clorox, just don’t! Call your pool care professional so you could get the chlorine that is best suited for your swimming needs.