Pre-Test. Prep. Purify.

A Peek at the Pool Purification Process

Aqua Touch offers the fastest, most sustainable pool purification system on the market. Similar to reverse osmosis, our nano-filtration technology uses two large, high-pressure pumps to quickly push water through multiple membranes and filter out contaminants, restoring your pool water to bottled-water quality. 

3 Steps to a Safer, More Sustainable Pool

1. Pre-Test

Our team of certified pool technicians visits your home to analyze the levels of minerals and chemicals in your pool water.

2. Prepare

Then, we dissolve the compound deposits that accumulate on your pool’s tile, floor, and walls to prepare the water for purification.

3. Purify

Finally, we filter the water through our high-pressure, multi-membrane reverse osmosis technology to remove all contaminants and restore it to a purified state.

The Fastest, Least Wasteful Technology Around

The secret to Aqua Touch’s speed and sustainability is our advanced nano-filtration technology.

Minimizes water loss to 10%, the lowest of all pool purification systems on the market.

High-pressure pumps purify your pool 80% faster than other technologies, completing the entire process in as little as 5 hours for residential pools.

The multi-membrane system restores water to its pure elemental condition (H20), rather than wasting or recycling it.