Three Simple Hacks to Save Money on Chemicals

Three Simple Hacks to Save Money on Chemicals

Just as it seems with everything on the market today, pool owners may notice that the cost of pool chemicals are rising too. But Aquaman is here to help! Here are three simple hacks to help pool owners save money on chemicals.


Buy in Bulk — Buying in bulk is a great way to cut costs spent on pool chemicals. Whether purchasing from a local pool store or an online outlet, bulk buying is generally the way to go. Pool chemicals have a very long shelf life, up to a few years, so there’s no need to worry about them expiring before they will be used.


Keep the Pool Chemically Balanced — Proper maintenance is a smart solution for saving money on not only chemicals but repair costs. When the pool water is kept in great condition — meaning it’s chemically balanced and clean — it wears less on pool equipment such as filters, pumps and vacuums. The less pressure put on these items, the less likely they’ll be to burn out or break. This can help prolong their life and maximize their efficiency. So think of keeping the pool water clean and balanced as a savings plan! A daily or weekly maintenance plan should include testing the water’s chemicals, adding chemicals as needed according to the test results, sweeping and skimming, and emptying the skimmer and filter baskets.


When the water is consistently balanced, it requires less chemicals, too, so that is another way that keeping the water balanced can help save money. Adding as few chemicals as possible is always optimal, especially when it equates to savings!


Buy in the Off Season (and Watch for Sales) — During the summer, when pool chemicals are more heavily used, they are going to be in high demand and therefore might be a little pricier. Buying in the offseason is a great tip for those looking to save. It’s also a great idea to stock up at the end of the summer season, when pool stores are looking to clear out their inventory. Prices are likely to be lower then and pool owners can keep an eye out for end of season sales to take advantage of, too.


These simple hacks can help pool owners save money throughout the year on pool chemicals. Using a professional pool company (like Aquaman Pools, of course), can help pool owners keep their pools clean and clear all year round.