Can You Move Your Pool Equipment?

Recently a client of mine had purchased a new house. With that new house came a big back yard with a fantastic lawn and a wonderful pool for their family to enjoy. Yet, the pool equipment was sitting out there right in the middle of their yard for some reason. There was an entire small hut next to the pool to place everything. Their whole family couldn’t stand that eyesore. The issue was not that the shed itself looked bad. It was not unattractive in and of itself. It was just that it got in the way of the overall yard, and thus got in the way of the enjoyment of the yard and pool. They wanted to figure out if it was possible to move their pool equipment once and for all.

So, they got on the telephone and called us up here at Aquaman Pools and asked if their pool equipment was something that could be moved without too much of an issue.

Relocate Pool Equipment?
You might need to relocate pool equipment for all kinds of motives. It might be put in an inconvenient place, like this client’s was. Maybe you are remodeling your back yard and this is a portion of the total changes that need to be made for the remodel. Whatever the reason, there are a number of things you should know about before hand.

Now, it is still possible to relocate pool equipment, it is just important that you understand that some issues may occur.

  • In the case of the elevation, if your equipment’s new location in the yard has a higher elevation than the old location, then the priming may take a hit.
  • The electricity might need to be rerun instead of simply extending your old line. This really depends on its length and what gauge wire was used in the first place.
  • Your plumbing system might not work as well in the new location. If this is the case its possible that you’ll have to run your filter slightly longer every day.

Making sure that you keep these potential issues in mind when trying to move your pool equipment will make the entire experience a lot easier on you. And then finally you’ll be able to have your pool equipment placed into the right spot!