Potential Dangers To Watch Out For With Your Swimming Pool

Most owners of a swimming pool know that there is always a risk to owning their pool. Especially if they have a family with kids. Here are some potential dangers that you should watch out for with your swimming pool.

1) Decks Are Too Slippery
The surface of a pool deck tends to age and get worn down. If not properly cared for over time they can grow a buildup of algae, which causes a lot more slipperiness than normal. For this reason its a good idea to get a pressure wash on a regular basis. You can also add some silica sand to the concrete sealer in order to give the deck more of an easy to grip texture.

2) Pool Stairs/Ladders
These are places where people can get hurt often. Pools will typically have a colored nosing tile in order to properly define those edges under the water. At night, though, the potential for an injury increases. Especially if the lighting is poor, so make sure you have adequate lighting both outside of and inside of the pool. Also keep in mind that hand rails can get more loose as time goes on, and if that happens its much more likely that someone slips and hurts themselves. Make sure they’re always as tight as possible.

3) Toys for the Pool
A very regular cause of pool accidents is actually from toys being used in the pool. Many of these really shouldn’t be used at all. Certain devices that are being used for flotation can actually end up flipping over young swimmers who can get trapped under the water. Your large inflatable boats, for example, are best left for the lake or the beach as opposed to the smaller confined space of a pool.

4) Storing of Chemicals
The pool chemicals you use are a very strong mixture of poisons and acids. They also react with one another in a very specific way, but are typically stored together without a thought for safety. You need to ensure that these are being properly stored away in a locked location. Your pool service (such as this one) should be able to help you with this.

5) Slides
Slides always seem like a fun addition to a swimming pool. However, keep in mind that these often sit on top of concrete at the very top, and that can be a recipe for injury. You might notice that slides are actually less and less common for pools as time goes on. This is because they are actually the 2nd biggest reason for injury when it comes to swimming pools.