Preventing Frogs from Getting in Your Arizona Pool

Yes, you read that title correctly. I said frogs! Its somewhat rare, but it does happen here in Arizona. Frogs in a person’s swimming pool is a difficulty that is based upon the place in which you reside, obviously. Not everybody has frogs in the pool issues, of course. A few of us have some duck in the pool issues… yet, that a subject is for another article. 😉 There are many that have have a chlorinated pool along with a small pond on the property, and that’s the ideal setup for frogs. You may be under the impression that the chlorine wouldn’t be something those amphibians would enjoy. Their skin is really sensitive, so why would they? However, you’d be wrong to think that. At nighttime you’ll find that many frogs love using your swimming pool, regardless of the chlorine.

Why do they like to hang out in the pool?
The current belief is that they’re drawn to your swimming pool by the bugs that are hanging around. You see, when its nighttime the pool is a huge light that attracts bugs. Thus, they come and hang out at the pool that is reflecting all sorts of light from the moon, lights in the streets, and your home.

How do I deal with these pool frogs?
Well, you have a few options here. The first is to just not do anything at all. The frogs won’t hurt you and they keep your pool from getting too buggy.

Another option would be to try and block any and all light sources from reflecting on your pool. Close the blinds, put up awnings, things of that nature.

Another choice, a hard one for some, would be to get rid of the accompanying pond. Not a good choice for most people since ponds are pretty awesome, but if the frogs are a huge issue for you, you might want to consider it.

The last thing to do here would be to try getting a pool cover. The better the cover the better it’ll be at keeping out all sorts of bugs and frogs. This is the option I see most people go with that don’t want to leave the frogs be.

So, if you have some frogs in your pool, there’s no need to worry any longer. They can actually help your swimming pool by cutting down on the bug issue. So why not try to live with them? If that’s too disturbing of an option, well now you know what you can do to get rid of them.

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