Costs of a Swimming Pool

Homeowners that just can’t bear another Arizona summer without a swimming pool typically have a lot of questions as they consider building one. And that’s perfectly understandable. Building a swimming pool in a backyard is a major investment — one that undoubtably adds value to the home, (which is important to consider when selling)! Aquaman Pools LLC shares some general information about costs of a swimming pool.

Not all swimming pools are created equal. When it comes to costs, there are a number of variables to keep in mind such as where the pool is being built, the size and scope of the pool, pool maintenance costs and more. So here’s the breakdown:

Much like home value varies widely depending on the city or neighborhood in which it resides, the price of building a pool in any given area will be determined by that location. This isn’t just based on a fancy zip code. There are other things that make the price difference. For example, cold weather locations have a shorter window in which pools can be built, and this can cause a price increase. In the southeastern part of the country, it’s easier to dig to the water table than it is in the southwest. That can be a factor when it comes to costs as well.

One thing’s for certain — there is no shortage of options when it comes to pools. Above ground, built in, diving pools, pools with waterfalls, waterwalls and built-in bars… the sky’s the limit! There really is a swimming pool for every budget… and budget will need to be considered when determining what kind of pool a homeowner chooses. Obviously an above ground pool is going to be considerably less expensive than a built-in pool with all the bells and whistles. Speaking of those bells and whistles – things like underwater stereo speaker, color-changing led lights, specialty tiles or surfaces, water features, built-in hot tubs and more will all add to the cost of the final product.

Lastly, pool maintenance once the pool is built will have some costs. Initially, large pool equipment such as filters and vacuums can add up. However, these investments can add to the longevity and “health” of the pool so they are wise purchases.

When considering adding a pool to a backyard, cost can vary greatly. It’s a good idea to speak with a pool contractor about specific questions. And remember, once that pool is built, Aquaman Pools’ professional technicians can help keep it clean and sparkling all year round!