Easy and Budget Friendly Ways to Upgrade the Swimming Pool

With March just around the corner, it’s time to consider that spring (aka swimming season!) is practically here. For homeowners that spend a lot of time in and around their swimming pools, now’s the time to work on upgrades so the pool is ready to splash in come spring. On a budget? No problem. Aquaman Pools LLC offers some easy and economically ways to upgrade the pool without breaking the bank!

Lighting — Lights in the pool can extend the life of swim time into the evening and make for a really cool atmosphere when the sun sets. There are an array of options when it comes to colorful pool lights that can update the pool in a big way, without a big expense.

New Tiles — Chipped, faded or stained tiles can make a pool look old and outdated. But replacing ones that need repaired is an easy fix, and putting in entirely new ones can create a totally different look to the pool.

Ambiance is Everything — Setting the mood can make a big difference in the way a backyard oasis centered around the swimming pool looks and feels. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. For example, adding some relaxing lounge chairs, seating clusters, and a brightly colored umbrella can create an inviting environment for family and guests to gather around the pool. Lush landscaping surrounding the pool area (not to close to avoid dropping leaves, flowers and foliage into the pool!) makes for a beautiful backyard oasis. With a few tips from a professional landscaper, a vacation-style backyard can be developed on a budget.

Water Features — Those looking to do a little remodeling can upgrade their existing pools with water features to get an entirely new look and feel. Aside from rock waterfalls, water walls, fountains and other features add beauty and elegance to a pool. The soothing sounds of rushing or softly flowing water is a bonus!

Get in the Game — Those that like to do more than simply lounge on a raft can add a little activity to their pool for a simple gamer’s paradise. Consider some active fun such as a diving board or slide, volleyball net, basketball hoop or even a floating golf putting “course.”

Sparkling Clean Water — One of the easiest ways to upgrade the backyard and swimming experience is to ensure clean, sparkling and healthy pool water all year round. And who better to accomplish that (and at a reasonable price!) than the pool technicians at Aquaman Pools? These professionals know all the ins and outs of keeping the pool water perfectly chemically balanced and clean so all homeowners have to do is splash in and enjoy!


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