Easy Ways to Save Money on Pool Costs

The professionals at Aquaman Pools understand the ins and outs of pool maintenance, and why it’s so important to keep the pool clean and clear… one reason is because regular maintenance is actually the best way to save money on pool costs! So check out the following easy ways to save money on pool expenses…

Buy Chemicals in Bulk — It’s always a good idea to purchase chemicals and bulk to save money on pool costs. If possible, purchase them at the end of the season when store owners are looking to clear out their stock. (This is a great tip for pool furnishings as well as water rafts, floats and pool toys!). Pool chemicals have a long shelf life so homeowners needn’t worry that their chemicals will “go bad” before they’ve had a chance to use them.

Run the Pool Pump — Running the pool pump for about eight to 12 hours a day is generally the ideal amount of time to keep the system running efficiently and keep the water clean and well circulated without escalating the electric bill or burning out the pump motor. It’s best to run the pump at off times such as at night or early morning. To help ease the work the pump has to do (which will also help prolong the life of this essential yet expensive piece of pool equipment), keep the skimmer and filter baskets clear and sweep and skim the pool on a regular basis.

Don’t Let the Pool Water “Go Green” — Typically when people refer to “going green,” it’s a good thing for the environment… but green water is never a good thing for pool owners or their wallets! Green, cloudy or otherwise discolored water is usually a sign that algae has moved in and set up camp. The problem with this is that algae spreads very quickly, especially in warm water. So over the summer months, its particularly important to maintain proper chemical balance of the water and to watch for any signs of discoloration or cloudiness early on.

Consider Salt Water — A salt water system can help pool owners control chemical costs and they also cut down on the use of chemicals – win win! Some users also feel salt systems generate softer silkier water, which is a nice bonus!

Call Aquaman! — A regular and professional pool maintenance service like Aquaman Pools can actually help pool owners save money in the long run. Routine cleaning and chemical balance can ensure things are running smoothly, preventing equipment from burning out too quickly. And expert pool professionals can also detect minor issues and fix them easily before they turn into a big hassle… and bigger expense.


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