Getting Rid of Pool Deck Stains

Sure, your pool might look okay from a distance, but that doesn’t mean that isn’t covered in all manner of stains that lowers its visual appeal. In the event that you swimming pool’s deck has stains, don’t fret. Cleaning and repairing any of those visual issues doesn’t take as much as you might think. Lets take a look below at some ways that you can deal with these issues, all the while keeping your deck from any harm. We’ll also look at some simple cleaning methods that you can use on a more day to day basis.

This will go away all by itself after some time has passed, but if you want to make it faster you can clean the problem spot with a special efflorescence cleaner or hydrochloric acid.

Grease and Oil
Soak up any left over grease or oil you can prior to cleaning the area. Once you do you’ll want to cover up that stain with what is known as an oil absorbent. Let it stay there for a day or so and then remove it as stated by the absorbent that you purchase.

Algae and Moss
There’s a process usually for this if its in the pool, but what about on the deck itself? Well you’ll be wanting to use an anti-algae and anti-moss solution to clean that away.

For Blood, Tomato Sauce, Confectionery, and Food Grease
Simply pour some liquid detergent on the stain and leave it for about half an hour. Afterward just rinse it off with hot water to see the stain go away.

Getting rid of rust can be a tough one. There’s one way to do it, though, and that way is by using hydrochloric acid. There will be instructions with your purchase of this, so make sure you follow them to the letter.

Paint is a stain that you’ll want to work on right away. Don’t let it sit for any amount of time. Don’t try to wipe it up because that can make it set more and spread it around. To clean it you’ll want to soak the stain in hot water and detergent and then scrub, scrub, and scrub some more.

Everyday Cleaning
For your average type of cleaning, simple water is going to be your best bet to keeping your swimming pool’s deck as nice as possible. Any normal garden hose with an attachment placed on it can remove your average grime and dirt for you. If it doesn’t, you might think about picking up a pressure washer. If you decide to go that route be careful about getting rid of the sand in between the tiling.

Prior to using anything mentioned I highly recommend that you do a test clean first. You do this by testing your chosen cleaning method on a very, very small area prior to using it to ensure that there are no adverse effects. If this doesn’t work out you always have the option to just swap out the tile(s) that are stained with some new ones. Keep that in mind.

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