How Often to Have the Pool Serviced

When it comes to having a pool serviced, the regularity on which it should be done can vary. For example, some pools are surrounded by trees and shrubs that drop leaves and flowers into the water. These should be swept/skimmed out as soon as possible as they add organic load to the filters and can eventually overload them. Pools that get a lot of use, say every day may need to have the chemicals checked more often to ensure the levels are balanced and safe for repeated swimming. Aquaman Pools LLC breaks down a few other things to consider when deciding how often to have a pool serviced.

Most pool companies will come every other week, but generally two weeks in the summer time. That’s because with the hot weather comes the opportunity for algae to grow — and it’s easier to tackle and get rid of it early than after it’s had a chance to breed and spread (ultimately leading to unsightly green pool water and an unhealthy environment for swimming). Typically, the pool gets more usage in the summer too, which causes need for chemical checks to ensure the water is properly balanced.

In addition to maintenance, more routine service gives the pool technicians an opportunity to clean the pool, empty the filters, check the skimmer baskets and make sure the pumps and vacuums are running properly and effectively. For those that don’t want to spend the time cleaning out their pools, Aquaman Pools suggests more regular cleaning service. As mentioned above, cleaning out the filters, skimmer baskets and keeping debris and dust from collecting on the bottom of the pool or in those filters and skimmer baskets can help keep pool equipment running as efficiently as possible. When those get clogged up, it can lead to problems with the equipment, which can lead to costly repairs.

Another important thing to consider when deciding upon how often to have the pool serviced is the age of the pool and its equipment. As a pool ages, it may require more care to ensure there are no leaks, tears or broken tiles that could hurt someone or clog a system and that systems are working properly. The sooner these things are detected, the sooner they can be fixed. And it’s always better to catch a problem early before it causes too much damage to the pool.

Overall, its best to get an estimate and speak with a pool care professional to determine the needs of the homeowner and the pool itself. The technicians at Aquaman Pools can answer any questions or inspect a pool to provide an accurate suggestion for routine repair and estimate.


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