Money-Saving Hacks for Pool Owners

Having a pool is definitely an investment in fun, entertainment, relaxation and ambiance. However, owning a pool takes a financial commitment. The good news is that regular maintenance can actually help cut costs and save pool owners money. Aquaman Pools LLC offers some other money-saving hacks for pool owners.

Maintain… Maintenance — As noted above, simply staying on top of regular pool maintenance can help save money in the long run. A pool owner that routinely takes care of the pool by cleaning and skimming it, clearing the filters, and keeping chemicals balanced, and investing in a pool vacuum or cleaner can enjoy years of hassle-free pool time without the need for expensive repairs. Even having a pool maintained by a professional pool service to keep the pool in tip top shape is a lot less expensive than having to fork over a large bill for repairs or excess maintenance for a pool that hasn’t been properly cared for over time.

Buy Chemicals in Bulk — Buying in bulk regardless of the product can help pool owners save money on the chemicals required to balance their pool water and keep it sparkling clean and safe all year round. Look for bulk products and sales too.

Stock Up at the End of the Season — Speaking of sales, end of summer sales are a great time to scoop up pool supplies and accessories at slashed prices. Typically, stores are looking to clear out their seasonal sections to make way for new fall product. This equates to money-saving opportunities for pool owners and it’s a great time to stock up on chemicals, equipment such as skimmers or brushes, and even pool floaties, patio furnishings and more at discounted prices.

Reduce Heater Use — During the summer this is a non-issue, as the intense summer sun keeps the pool water plenty warm. But for those that have a hot tub or prefer to heat their pool in the winter, consider bumping down the temperature. Even one or two degrees can make a dent in decreasing fuel costs for a gas-heated pool or hot tub, but it’s unlikely that

Protect Pool Equipment, Accessories and Furnishing — Once again, that intense Phoenix summer sun is no joke and can truly take a toll on pool equipment and accessories. Keeping items from brushes and skimmers to pool toys out of the water and stored properly when not in use can help prolong their life. When it comes to poolside furnishings, making an investment in ones with sun-protected fabrics will save money in the long run. Covering furnishings can also help prolong their life.

Switch it Up — The lighting that is! LED lighting from outdoor ambiance lights to lighting in and around the pool can help cut costs and also uses less energy, making it an eco-friendly option. Win win!

Check the Pump… and Run it at Off Hours — The pump is one of the most important parts of pool maintenance. It’s important to check the pump flow to ensure it’s working properly and clear the skimmer often to ensure the pump doesn’t get clogged up by too much debris. The pump should be run every day for several hours (at least eight), but pool owners can run it during times their electric companies deem as off-peak hours to take advantage of savings.

Pool owners can take advantage of these simple hacks to save money year round on their pool services, products and maintenance. A clean, well-kept pool can certainly add to the value of a home and the enjoyment of the family! For those looking for a pool service company to help with the cleaning and chemicals, give Aquaman Pools a call today!