Personal Pools for Small Backyards

The hotter the weather gets, the more Valley residents consider building a pool. Those with smaller backyards may have previously thought their space is too small for a pool, but Aquaman Pools is here to contest that theory! Small, “personal” pools are a hot style trend and ideal for those with less backyard real estate. Check out some of these tips and ideas for a mini pool ideal for any intimate space.

Shape Matters —  Obviously with less space, it’s ideal to craft the shape and size of the pool to complement the available space while not taking up the backyard completely. For example, a curvy pool might give residents a larger deck area, but less water space. Free form pools are typically ideal for small backyards to best make use of the space available.

Consider the Use — Will the pool be for visual appeal, lounging by or in, swimming laps (yes, a single-lane lap pool is great for rectangular spaces!), etc.? When deciding upon what type of pool, residents should make sure the style aligns with how the pool will be used. For those looking for visual appeal, fountains and other aesthetics can be built in but will also take up space of the actual pool as well as the yard itself. However, for those that are looking for a place of relaxation and sanctity, these features can also enhance a soothing environment with sounds of running water.

Miles of Style — A tiny pool can make a big “splash” when it comes to style. From super modern to classic styles, mini pools can be accentuated with lighting, features, decking, tiles, and complemented by surrounding elements of lush foliage, garden elements, desert landscape and more to make it completely personalized and a beautiful focal point of the space.

Vinyl, Concrete and Fiberglass… oh My!

Determining the material used to make the pool is another factor to consider. Vinyl, concrete and fiberglass are the three main contenders. Concrete and vinyl-lined swimming pools can be fit to nearly any shape, while sometimes fiberglass may have limitations on size. Vinyl-lined pools are typically easier to maintain as far as cleaning and balancing the chemicals; however, the liner will need to be replaced throughout the course of the pool’s lifetime. Fiberglass requires the least maintenance of the three overall.

Of course, the professionals at Aquaman Pools are happy to take on the task of regularly scheduled maintenance, cleaning, repairs and more. From small pools to big pool, Aquaman services them all!