Hot Tub Safety Tips

There are few things cozier on an Arizona winter night than taking a dip or a soak in the hot tub. Taking a soak has some great health benefits, and let’s face it — it’s super relaxing after a long day and soothing after a tough workout. So soak it up! But first, Aquaman Pools has a few important safety tips to share:

Maintain a Clean Hot Tub — It’s important that the pumps and equipment are working properly and that the water chemicals are balanced to ensure a clean and healthy experience. For those that would rather skip this step, Aquaman Pools not only offers professional pool care service but the company can also keep a sparkling clean and chemically balanced hot tub for homeowners.

Be Aware of Slick Surfaces — Much like Mom’s advice “no running around the pool!” hot tub soakers should take caution around the hot tub as well in case surfaces are wet and slippery. Another tip: hot tub tiles should not be sticky or slippery — if they are this could be an indicator of a chemical imbalance or other issue.

Check the Temp — While it’s nice to have a hot hot tub, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends pool temperatures not exceed 104 degrees F. Children younger than five should not soak in a hot tub and pregnant women should always follow their doctor’s advice before taking a dip.

Keep it Covered — When not in use, a hot tub should be covered for energy efficiency and insultation. For those with little ones or four legged friends, the locks on a hot tub covered should always be used to ensure the safety of babies and pets.

Drink Up — While there are many great benefits to soaking in a hot tub, it can also cause people to sweat and therefore lose liquids so it’s important to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before and after a soak.

When it comes to making sure a hot tub is running properly and that the water is chemically balanced, the professionals at Aquaman Pools are standing by! They are educated and skilled in assessing pools and hot tubs to ensure residents enjoy their swimming pools and hot tubs year round!