What Surface Should You Use for Your Pool Remodel?

When building or remodeling a pool, there are multiple decisions to make and things to consider. How large the pool will be, what shape, whether it will include LED lighting, a water feature or a connecting hot tub… The options are nearly unlimited when creating a backyard oasis with the pool as the central focus. However, one thing that people may not consider are the multiple options that are available when it comes to the pool’s surface. Homeowners should consider their  important to consider their needs when it comes to a pool remodel or build and determine the surface that will work best for those needs. Aquaman breaks down the different types of pools.

A fiberglass pool is a very popular option. It is very durable — and can last 20 to 30 years or longer. Fiberglass is a better option for smaller pools, however.

Plaster is another options that is very affordable and long lasting. Made from cement and white marble aggregate, this surface can give the pool water a clear, bright appearance. It may require more maintenance than fiberglass as its porous surface can showcase stains and it generally lasts about 10 years. Plaster surfaces are available in a variety of colors

Pebble pool surfaces became very popular as of late. This surface is made of a special layer of cement that is formulated to contain small pebbles and stones, which comes in a wide ranges of colors. Pebble surfaces have a rougher non-slip texture than the smooth feel of plaster and can sometimes cause problems with certain automatic vacuum systems. However, these surfaces are typically very long lasting, stain resistant and low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. Pebble surfaces might be more expensive, but the end result and the visual appeal it adds to a home is likely worth the expense.

Another popular pool surface option is Quartz, made with a quartz aggregate and cement that has been polymer-modified. Lasting approximately 10 years, give or take, quartz can stand the test of time against both pool chemicals and harsh weather conditions. Quartz is smooth and hard despite its porous nature so it’s very durable and stain-resistant. Quartz comes in multiple colors as well so it’s a great option for updating or upgrading the look of a backyard.

There are many options when it comes to building or remodeling a pool surface. Resurfacing a pool can change the look of it as well as the entire backyard, increase the home’s value and resolve any issues or repairs needed. A homeowner should select a pool surface that is long-lasting, high-quality, low-maintenance and that suits the family and the backyard oasis desired.