Benefits of a Hot Tub

Adding a hot tub is a great way to add an element of relaxation to own’s backyard oasis. As people create more comfortable “outdoor living” environments in their backyards including outdoor kitchens, pools with water features and swim up bars and more, a hot tub is an excellent way to round out that outdoor living experience. And it turns out there are some incredible therapeutic benefits of a hot tub.

According to a study published in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences, there are multiple benefits of a nice soak in a hot tub from pain and stress relief to improved healing and quality of sleep.

Arthritis can be defined by symptoms of pain, inflammation and stiff joints, ligaments and tendons. However, according to the study, the “controlled temperature and pressure” of hot tubs can provide a natural options that decrease these symptoms and help relax muscles without the use of medication.

The heat of the water in a hot tub can help reduce blood sugar levels by helping to dilate blood vessels to improve blood flow and allow more nutrient-rich blood to reach the body’s muscles. The increase in blood flow can be especially effective for those with diabetes. This increase in blood flow can also help offer relief for those suffering from fibromyalgia as the jets in the hot tub can stimulate circulation and allow muscles to loosen, easing pain.

One of the greatest benefits of a hot tub is enjoying a quiet soak alone or with a group of friends. Not only is this a great social activity, but it has health benefits! A soak can help with concentration, release mood-boosting endorphins and reduce anxiety.

Another great benefit is improved sleep quality. The hot water that decompresses joints, increases circulation and lowers blood pressure and heart rate also lowers the body temperature. This causes one to become tired, which makes a great precursor to a good night’s sleep.

The hot water also serves as a healer for those with back pain, which is often caused by strained muscles and ligaments that support the spine and can also help heal swollen and inflamed muscles. Soaking in a hot tub can also help prevent injury and muscle soreness and stiffness.

As enjoyable as hot tubs can be, they must be maintained properly. It is suggested that along with having a professional service company maintain one’s pool, hot tub owners should consider having their hot tub maintained by a professional as well to ensure it is clean as possible and that it is being properly filtered.