Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

Well the weather outside is frightful… at least when it comes to what Phoenicians are used to! This winter pool owners may be wondering about their off-season pool maintenance. Aquaman Pools offers the following tips for winter pool maintenance:

To Cover or Not to Cover There are pros and cons of covering a pool for winter. Depending on the climate where the pool is and how much it’s exposed to harsh winter weather, it can help protect the pool from stains, algae as well as from falling leaves, blowing debris and more. It’s a good ideas a pool owner to speak with a pool maintenance professional about whether or not covering the pool is best.

Maintaining the Pool’s Chemistry — Even though the pool may not be used as much (through in the valley many people heat their pools for the season), it’s always important to maintain the pool water’s chemistry. It is much easier to maintain a clean pool, then to try to rebalance the water in a pool that has not been properly maintained — as the water can quickly become susceptible to algae and more, and turn green.

Equipment Maintenance — In addition to year round pool chemistry maintenance, for most pools in Phoenix, year round maintenance of equipment like pumps and pipes can ensure the pool stays well cared for and ready to use when the weather warms up! Pool owners should talk to their pool care professional to see how often pool maintenance is needed.

The Clean Sweep — With winter winds, falling leaves and more, the pool can often become host to lots of seasonal debris. It’s a good idea for homeowners to maintain a regular routine of sweeping out the pool, emptying the skimmer, and checking to make sure no debris is caught in the pool cleaner to ensure it’s working properly. Many pool maintenance companies also provide regular cleaning services if the homeowner would rather delegate that task.

For valley pool owners, keeping tabs on the pool all winter long will simply make it so much easier to have it sparkling clean and ready to splash into as soon as spring sets in. For those looking for a pool service company, Aquaman Pools prides itself on providing a top-notch service with trained and professional technicians.