Pool Equipment Must-Haves for New Pool Owners

Walking into a pool store as a new pool owner can be overwhelming.

What pieces of equipment are essential to maintaining a clean pool? What accessories are considered extras that can be purchased another time? These are just a few of the many questions new pool owners will have as soon as the pool installation is complete.

Aquaman Pools LLC breaks down the essentials every first-time pool owner needs to know with the following must-have list, along with some wish list items if the budget allows:

Essential: Pump and Filtration Device. This is how a pool will maintain clean and clear water. There are several different types you can go with, including sand and D.I. filtration systems.

Essential: Pool Fence. If a pool owner expects children near your pool at any time, a pool fence is essential for safety. It’s one of the best ways to prevent drownings, and pool owners can choose from different material and aesthetics.

Essential: Telescopic Pole. This pole can expand or shrink in size and gives pool owners the option to attach a net, brush or vacuum to the end. This pole is needed for routine maintenance to get the pool swim ready. Choose a pole with thick tubing and heavy duty aluminum to last longer through the years.

Essential: Pool Vacuum. This must-have typically consists of three parts: The vacuum head, the vacuum hose and the telescopic pole. This vacuum will do all of the underwater work in keeping the pool clean and preventing the spread of algae.

Essential: Chemicals. The typical chemicals a new pool owner needs are chlorine, shock, alkalinity increaser and decreaser, pH increaser & decreaser, algaecide pool enzymes and metal sequestrate.

Wish List: Lighting. This is a luxury, not necessity, for pool owners. It’s especially nice to have if the pool with be used for nighttime swimming. Lighting can include pool lighting underwater to light up the water or lights above ground to illuminate the pool.

Wish List: Pool Heater. Although it’s not a popular choice in Arizona given the hot summers, some pool owners opt to install a pool heater to be able to swim in the winter months.

Wish List: Automatic Pool Leveler. Every pool loses a small amount of water a day due to evaporation. A leveler is a nice-to-have piece of equipment that monitors the water level, and automatically adds water when needed.

While Aquaman Pools LLC recommends this general list, individual pools sometimes have individualized needs when it comes to what equipment may be needed. It also depends on the pool owner, his or her lifestyle and how much maintenance they want to handle themselves.


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