Pool Equipment Must-Haves for New Pool Owners

Whether you’ve just built a pool or moved into a new house with one, congratulations! A backyard swimming pool is a great source of fun, exercise, relaxation, and family bonding time that creates lifelong memories.

To keep your new pool in good condition, there are some must-have tools and accessories that you’ll need to keep the water clean. Going to a pool store to get all these items can be overwhelming – how do you know which equipment is essential and which are extras that can be purchased another time?

Don’t panic! Aquaman Pools is here to give you a list of the must-have essentials every first-time pool owner needs, along with some wish list items if your budget allows:

Essential Pool Equipment

Telescopic Pole with Skimmer Net, Brush, and Vacuum

This pole is needed for routine maintenance to get the pool swim ready. Choose a pole with thick tubing and heavy duty aluminum to last longer through the years. Telescopic poles can expand or shrink in size and give pool owners the option to attach a net, brush or vacuum to the end.

  • Skimmer Net: A skimmer net can make easy work of skimming the surface of the water for fallen leaves and foliage that may have dropped in uninvited.
  • Brush: Brushes can help loosen dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool and the interior surface to again give the vacuum and pump a little help.
  • Pool Vacuums: Pool vacuums incorporate a vacuum head, a vacuum hose, and the telescopic pole. This vacuum will do all of the underwater work in keeping the pool clean and preventing the spread of algae.

Pool Chemicals

The proper chemicals are key to a sanitized and safe swimming pool. The typical chemicals a new pool owner needs include:

  • Chlorine
  • Pool Shock
  • Alkalinity Increaser and Decreaser
  • pH Increaser and Decreaser
  • Algaecide
  • Pool Enzymes
  • Metal Sequestrate

Water Test Strips

A test kit and strips can be found at the local pool store or hardware store. These simple-to-use items can help a new pool owner test the water to determine the levels of chemicals in the water and what needs to be added to keep the water balanced. Test kits and strips generally measure the levels of alkalinity, pH, chlorine, hardness, cyanuric acid, and bromine (a substitute for chlorine) in the water. Results can help you determine what needs to be added to the water to re-establish balance.

Pump and Filtration Device

The pool pump and filter is how the pool maintains clean and clear water. There are several different types you can go with, including sand, cartridge, and D.I. filtration systems.

Pool Fence

If you expect children near your pool at any time, a pool fence is essential for safety. It’s one of the best ways to prevent drownings, and you can choose from a variety of materials to match your aesthetic.

Nice-to-Have Pool Supplies

  • Automatic Vacuum: Yes, we put manual vacuums on the “essentials” list, but an automatic vacuum is a busy pool owner’s best friend. While they are more of an investment, there are many different types and are a great-time saver in keeping the pool looking swim-ready at almost any given moment.
  • Pool Lighting: Pool lighting is nice to have if you enjoy night time swimming. This includes underwater lighting or lights above ground to illuminate the pool.
  • Pool Heater: Although it’s not the most popular choice in Arizona given the hot summers, some pool owners opt to install a pool heater to be able to swim in the winter months.
  • Automatic Pool Leveler: Every pool loses a small amount of water a day due to evaporation. A leveler is a nice-to-have piece of equipment that monitors the water level and automatically adds water when needed.
  • Pool Floaties and Toys: How about some floaties, a volleyball net or floating basketball hoop to level up the party? After all, a pool is designed for fun. There are just about a million toys, rafts, floats, balls, games, dive sticks, glowing accessories and anything else that can be conjured up to add to the fun.

Every Pool is a Little Different

While Aquaman Pools recommends this general list, pools can have unique needs when it comes to equipment. It can also depend on your lifestyle and how much maintenance you want to handle themselves.