Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Pool Service Company

Pool owners that winter in other states or that simply don’t want to spend the time and effort maintaining their pool in the off season (or any time of year), may be considering hiring a pool service company to take care of the pool. The good news is there is no shortage of companies out there offering to clean and care for the pool. The bad news is, they aren’t all the high-quality providers that homeowners are typically looking for. However, with a little research, pool owners can find the right pool service company for their needs. Aquaman Pools suggests asking the following questions before selecting a pool service company.

“Are you licensed and insured?” One of the most important things to ask a pool service company is for proof of license and insurance. This can help protect the pool owner if something goes wrong and should give pool owners peace of mind that the company is on the up and up.

“What is the scope of your services?” Pool service companies provide a range of offerings so it’s important that the pool owner know what they want and need. Some may be experts solely in routine maintenance like cleaning and chemical balancing, while others may be licensed to offer addition services such as equipment repair or contracted for pool resurfacing, decking, remodeling and more. This is a nice option for those looking to upgrade at some point.

“How much does it cost?” It’s important to know how much the service is going to be — and this can range greatly depending on a number of factors. So be sure to ask the cost of service.

“What does your service include?” Once again, service varies from pool company to pool company. Some companies offer just water and chemical balance, while others may include sweeping, skimming, checking pool equipment and more. It’s important to find out right off the bat what the routine servicing includes — and perhaps more importantly, what it doesn’t… as this could result in surprise additions on the monthly bill.

“How often do you come?” Typically, service can range from weekly or bi-weekly to bi-monthly. Having the pool water checked and balanced once a week usually is sufficient to keep it healthy and safe. However, pool owners that want their pool swept and skimmed my prefer this task done more often. It’s important to remember that during the summertime when the water is warmer (thus more likely to attract algae) and the pool is being used more often, it can be more challenging to keep the water chemically balanced so the schedule of service may vary throughout the year.

When looking for a reputable company to service one’s pool, homeowners should read testimonials, ask their friends, or even check the Better Business Bureau. A little due diligence can go a long way in ensuring pool owners find the right pool service company for their needs. Aquaman Pools wants to be your pool service company so call today and find out all we offer!