Smart Ways to Enjoy the Pool During an Excessive Heat Wave

Smart Ways to Enjoy the Pool During an Excessive Heat Wave


With excessive heat warnings and record-breaking temperatures already underway before the season even officially starts, summer is set to be a long, hot one. While it’s vital that residents respect heat advisories, they can still enjoy the pool — in safe and smart ways. Aquaman offers simple tips to help pool owners beat the heat this summer.


Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure — The mid-portion of the day, between around 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. is considered to be the peak time when the sun’s rays are the strongest and most intense. So it’s smart for even the most sun-accustomed natives to avoid spending hours on end in the direct sunlight during this time period. Consider a morning swim to get some refreshing exercise or plan to host a summertime get together in the evening when the sun (and heat) subsides a bit. Anyway, after dark swim time has a whole different vibe that can really light up a summer night!


Don’t Forget the Liquids — While poolside soirees pair perfectly with light and refreshing libations, it’s important to also keep another liquid in mind when spending time outside this summer — good old fashioned H2O. Even when spending all day in the water, it’s important to hydrate with fresh cool drinking water.


Take a Break — It’s tough to get kids (and kids at heart!) out of the water on a hot summer day. But it’s a good idea to encourage them to take breaks inside or in the shade during the course of a day spent poolside. This is also serves as a time to remind them to drink some water, reapply sunscreen and just relax a little before jumping back into the sun and the splash. This goes for the adults, too!


Pay Attention to the Signals — Overexposure to the heat and direct sunlight can take a toll and can lead to a dangerous situation. It’s important for swimmers and those spending prolonged periods of time outdoors this summer to pay attention to how they are feeling and heed any warning signals their bodies might be sending. Excessive sweating, dizziness, cramps in the legs, arms or stomach or fast breathing can be signs of heat exhaustion. If feeling any of these symptoms, swimmers should get out of the heat, drink plenty of water and get some rest before resuming fun in the sun.


The experts at Aquaman Pools encourages pool owners, swimmers and heat lovers to stay safe this summer and avoid too much heat or sun exposure.


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