Staving Off Winter Algae

Algae can develop in the pool water any time of year. And though it typically is known to rear its ugly head in the summer months when the pool water is warmer, algae still can grow in the winter months so pool owners need to keep on top of their pool maintenance. Regardless of the time of year, it’s always best to catch algae growth early so it can be taken care of before it becomes a bigger and more unsightly problem. Aquaman Pools offers the following tips to keep algae from forming in the pool this winter.

Algae forms for many reasons. Stagnant water, imbalanced pH water levels and dirty water are all inviting breeding grounds for this unwanted pool guest. So it’s important to maintain the pool all year round. If the pool is going to go entirely unused, consider winterizing it and then utilizing a pool cover to keep dirt, debris and sun from penetrating the water.

Balanced pool chemicals are an ever-important way to keep the pool water clean, healthy and safe — and algae free. For those that aren’t confident on their chemical skills, consider hiring a professional pool service, such as Aquaman Pools of course, to handle the balancing act.

Skimming the surface of the pool on a regular basis to scoop out leaves and other debris that falls into the pool is another good way to keep algae from forming. Be sure to empty the skimmer and filter baskets, too, as this keeps the filter from getting bogged down with too much organic load. Scrubbing the tiles and interior surfaces of the pool is another key way to keep algae at bay. Skimming and scrubbing does double duty because these actions move the water around, promoting healthy circulation. Pool water that is well-circulated is less-likely to develop algae.

Another vital way to ensure the water is well circulated and clean is to run the vacuum. This gets all the dirt that may have drifted to the bottom of the pool after skimming and scrubbing. Running the pump and filter further helps move and clean the water so stay consistent with that as well.

Those that chose to cover their pool for the winter season should be sure to prepare the pool water prior to covering it to prevent algae from having a field day unbeknownst to the pool owner. That’s sure to be an unwelcome surprise once the pool is uncovered for spring. And algae is much easier to get rid of once it’s first detected. The longer it has to breed, the more damage it can do to the pool water and equipment, too. As always, Aquaman Pools is happy to answer questions and would be happy to service your pool — so call today!