Video: Review of In-Pool Vacuums

Pool vacuums are an essential part of properly maintaining a swimming pool so it looks its best and so it’s clean for swimming. Aquaman Pools’ Founder Chad Nikkel shares the following advice about the various types of in-pool vacuums and how they work to keep the pool clean.

Robotic Vacuums — These types of vacuums are electrically controlled. They work inside the pool to clean it — picking up dirt and debris and trapping it inside. This type of vacuum is not connected to the pool filter; rather it is plugged into a regular electrical outlet. With this type of systems, the dirt is collected and then trapped inside a housing unit within the vacuum itself. According to Nikkel, this is a great option and it does a great job cleaning the pool; however, it needs to be removed from the pool every day and the canister/ filter bag needs to be emptied and cleaned out to ensure the best cleaning results.

Pressure-Side or Suction-Side Vacuums — Most pool owners have a vacuum that hooks up to the pool’s filter system. These are great options as well, but pool owners should keep an eye on the vacuum’s gears or wheels to make sure they are working properly. Leaves or twigs can sometimes get stuck in the gears or wheels, which can stop if from working properly — or from working altogether. It’s important to keep the vacuum running at all times when the filter and pump are running.

Regardless of what type of vacuum a homeowner chooses, an in-pool vacuum is essential to maintaining one’s pool. These automatic pool cleaners also help keep the pool clean simply by circulating the water. However, because each type is different, pool owners should do their “homework” before purchasing one, as each system has its own unique set of “pros and cons.” Budget may also come into play as these units can run several hundred to upwards or one thousand dollars. However, an in-pool vacuum should be considered a valuable investment for the pool’s maintenance. As always, the professionals at Aquaman Pools are standing by to help answer questions, offer advice or be of service to homeowners when it comes to all things pool-related!


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