Why the Pool Should Be Inspected After a Rainstorm

Just as Phoenicians are preparing for spring, spring breaks from school and warm weather activities, a rain storm hits! While most people may not think so, rain can actually have an adverse effect on the pool water so it’s important to do some “damage control” after heavy rains and even have the pool inspected by a professional service technician. Aquaman Pools explains why.

When heavy rain hits, it’s likely to bring with it gusty winds, as certain parts of the valley have recently experienced. Naturally, the result of that is lots of dirt, debris, loose leaves, foliage and even tree limbs making their way into the pool. These items, often referred to as organic load, can clog automatic cleaners, skimmer baskets, and the filter/pump. They can also cause chemical imbalance of the water if not removed immediately. So after a good storm, skim the surface, scrub the tiles and interior surface to loosen any stuck on dirt/mud, and empty skimmer and filter baskets before running the pump and vacuums.

Aside from what a rain storm can bring with it besides the rain, the rain itself can wreak havoc on pool water, too. After a very heavy rainfall, if the pool water level gets too high, the pool filter may need to be backwashed using the “waste” setting. After that, check the pool’s chemistry and balance with a test kit. The balance of pool water is extremely delicate and it’s important to maintain chemical balance because once it gets out of whack, water quality issues such as algae and other problems can quickly rear their ugly heads. And no one wants to deal with that with pool season just around the corner.

It’s important that pool owners do these things and then call their pool professionals (such as the experienced technicians at Aquaman Pools, which service pools in all areas of the valley) for a routine service and quality inspection. During this, a pool professional can get the water back to its clean and healthy state and also check equipment, assess any damage that heavy rains may have caused and make recommendations for what needs to be done to return the pool, and all its working parts, to tip-top shape just in time for spring!

As always, Aquaman Pools’ professional technicians are always standing by and ready to help with any pool issues. While some pool service issues can seem overwhelming to some homeowners, it’s just another day on the job for Aquaman Pools!


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