Best Android Apps for Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance remains something of a mystery to many due to it requiring a bit of expertise and know how. That’s why pool owners have to call the services of a pool guy who comes regularly to ensure that the pH levels of the water are properly balanced, and that the right amount of chlorine is being used. Luckily, with the breakthrough of modern technology, pool maintenance doesn’t need to be a mystery anymore because there is now an app for that! Now pool owners can learn more about what is going on with their pool when their pool guy isn’t around. This can help them to make informed decisions, and to just be generally a bit more knowledgeable about what, exactly, their pool guy is doing to their swimming pool. Let’s take a look at some popular Android apps for pool maintenance.

Insta Link Water Testing

This free app allows you to manage your pool’s chemistry by analyzing the photo that you take of a pool test strip. It analyzes the data, telling you exactly what kind and how much chemicals you need to be putting in your pool. Its an interesting app, but make sure you fully know what you’re doing if you decide to do this sort of thing yourself. Remember that handling chemicals can be dangerous, so take the proper precautions.

Zodiac iAqua Link System

If your pool has a Zodiac iAquaLink system, you’ll be able to use this mobile app to manage just about everything related to your pool. Lighting, pumps, and water temperature can all be easily regulated right from your hand held mobile device.

Pentair Screen Logic

If you have a Pentair system, the Pentair Screen Logic App will work with your pool, allowing you access to your Pentair pump control system. With this app, you can change any of your pool settings from anywhere you’re able to use your smartphone.

Pool Pal

This app includes a volume calculator and handy charts so you can track readings and monitor changes in your pool over time. This app will do the complex pool related calculations for you. You just enter basic information about your pool like the size, current chemical readings, etc., and it will let you know the specific chemicals you should using.

Swim University

Swim University is a free app that provides pool owners with how-to videos and guides for buying pool related supplies. It also has a blog that helps with specific needs. It provides information on many aspects of pool maintenance.

The app is organized to help with specific categories, such as a spa or a pool, and offers a wealth of information related to the care of a household pool. Although the app provides several tools and useful elements, it does not have a high cost. In fact, Swim University is a free app that is available to every pool owner with a smartphone.

So there you have it. Check some of these apps out and see if they’re for you. Remember that they aren’t meant to replace your pool guy, but rather to help you make informed decisions about your swimming pool. Til next time!

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