Mistakes Made With Do-It-Yourself Fiberglass Pools

So you are considering installing a fiberglass pool yourself, ehh? The truth is, a lot of homeowners who go this route end up having problems down the line. That is the reason why I felt the need to discuss a number of the potential issues and concerns one might have before they start digging into their yard.

1. Costs
There can definitely be a savings if you just examine the cost of a shell online, but you should consider these other expenses as well. Seriously, if one elects to go down this path they really should be considered:

  • Gravel for concrete foundation and backfill
  • Concrete prices
  • Concrete Labour price for finisher
  • Closing Grading prices
  • Electric Hook Up (costs more than most people realize)
  • Pipes, gear, components, etc.
  • Pool Shell Transport
  • Renting an excavator
  • Renting a crane
  • Renting a Bobcat
  • And plenty of others I left out

Seriously, there are a number of other expenses that must be thought about that I’m not even listing. I mention this because many times people have come to me after a DIY job and been seriously troubled due to all of the added expenses they overlooked and hadn’t thought about.

2. Guarantees
As with any construction project, be it a house, pool, and so on, workmanship and material guarantees are a major, major deal. For that reason try and endure down the road when there’s an issue as most consumers never go and get these guarantees IN PRINT. Please protect yourself, and take the time to get this done.

3. Retaining Walls
Retaining walls are often very, very pricey, so be sure to have an extremely clear understanding of the work that is needed BEFORE you proceed with purchasing a fiberglass pool shell to enjoy in your back yard. Plan out the pricing for every potential thing here and you’ll be much happier down the line.

So there you’ve got it people, 3 things to think about when installing your own fiberglass pool. There are plenty more, of course, so do your due diligence if you decide to tackle this extremely large project.

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