Simple “Hacks” for a Clear, Clean Swimming Pool

Maintaining the swimming pool so it’s always clean and clear is much easier than trying to restore the water to a healthy state after its been compromised. So routine maintenance is very important. But it doesn’t have to be a constant hassle. Aquaman Pools shares some simple “hacks” to keep the pool clean, clear, healthy and safe all year round.

Balance the Chemicals Often — The delicate balance of chemicals in the pool water can make all the difference between a clean clear pool… and one that isn’t. So it’s important for pool owners to test and balance the chemical levels on a very regular basis. This can also save pool owners money in the long run because the longer the water is unbalanced the more chemicals are needed to level out. When the pool water is consistently balanced, pool owners will save on chemicals!

Run the Filter — The filter is a friend to those that want to keep their pool water healthy without having to constantly clean it manually. Ideally, running the filter for eight hours a day can ensure good water circulation (vital for healthy pool water), which helps chemical distribution throughout the pool.

Run the Pump at Night or During Off Peak Hours — Most electric companies charge less during off peak hours (homeowners should check their provider to see when those hours are) or at night. So running the pump at night can save pool owners on their bill by finding out when those off peak hours are, and setting the pump to run during those windows.

Salt and Lime are Mighty Fine —  … And not just for making margaritas! A little mixture of lime juice and salt can serve as a natural stain-removing solution that works wonders on rust or metal stains.

Use Vinegar to Remove Calcium — Another common household item that can be used to rid the pool of stains — particularly calcium scale build up — is vinegar. Pool owners can use a mixture of regular white vinegar diluted with a little bit of water and a spring to scrub away built-up calcium deposits on the pool’s walls and tile. Baking soda mixed with water to create a paste is another easy trick to scrub away stains and scale.

Tennis Balls Wipe Out Oil — Looking to get rid of that film of sunscreen that seems to easily collect on the surface during summer swim time? Tennis balls can take care of that! Oils, not just sunscreen, and even dirt are effectively absorbed by the material on the outer layer of tennis balls. So toss a few in the pool and even in the skinner basket to remove oil from the water, hassle free!

For a truly no worry way to keep the swimming pool clear, clean and healthy all year long, le Aquaman Pools do the job! Aquaman’s professional pool technicians are highly skilled and ready to tackle any pool maintenance issue.