Smaller Yards Need Smaller Pools

With real estate being what it is, there are quite a few backyards that just don’t have all that much space to work with for a pool. However, you really shouldn’t let that prevent you from putting in an in-ground pool. You can still have a great pool that you enjoy using. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly seen concerns when it comes to smaller swimming pools.

What Shape is Good for a Smaller Yard?
This really depends on your backyard. Since all backyards are different you really need to work with the space you have. Just keep in mind that though a curvier pool might lose some of their water space due to their form, they will give you more deck area. If you want a lounge chair on the patio, you’re going to need about seven feet there; more if you want a table/chairs. This is why you often see the free form swimming pools in smaller backyards.

For a smaller pool, should I go with vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass?
When you think about what type of pool is going to be best for your smaller space, none of these has the leg up on the others. That is, of course, operating under the assumption that you can get the correct shape and size that you need. So, let’s say that you have a 6×20 space available for the in-ground pool itself. With fiberglass being less available in some of the sizes, and considering who is making the fiberglass, it could be that you won’t be able to get fiberglass in the size you need. Some might make that size, but I’m just using that as an example here.

Your concrete and your vinyl liner swimming pools, though, can fit just about any shape you need without all that many limits on them.

Now, sometimes a potential pool owner wonders about getting the actual pool back into the yard itself due to the size limitations of the house and yard. The pool might be too big to go in through the sides of the house, so often you’ll see them use a crane to get the pool into place. Easier than it sounds, trust me.

Which One Will Require the Least Amount of Maintenance
Typically you’ll see that concrete pools will need the most swimming pool service. Your vinyl liners are going to be easier to deal with when it comes to cleaning and chemicals, but remember that the liner itself will need to be replaced here and there throughout the life of the pool. Fiberglass is going to be the least when it comes to overall maintenance in both the long and short term.

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