The Good and the Bad to an Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

Today I’m going to briefly discuss automatic pool covers, and what you can expect with them. As with most things in life, the costs involved tend to be different based on what kind you’re getting, the quality you’re getting, and who is making them.

Good: They can help you to keep your pool warmer.
An automatic pool cover will be made of heavy vinyl and works a lot better at keeping your pool warm than the majority of solar covers. Many of them increase the pool water by as much as ten to fifteen degrees. If you own a heat pump the cover keeps your costs lower since the heat isn’t vanishing into the air.

Bad: Sometimes they’re too hot.
Often times a pool owner will say that their pool is getting far too warm for them to enjoy. When this happens I often tell them to leave their pool cover open so that the pool can cool off. When this happens, though, the automatic cover becomes an expense that isn’t even being used as it needs to be. if your heat pump has a chiller, though, you can cool the pool with that. The costs will be more if you run that, though.

Good: Helps to keep out unwanted guests.
An automatic pool cover helps to keep both kids and adults from going into the pool when you don’t want them to do so. Pretty useful and helps with safety.

Bad: Keeps people out of the pool.
If you get one of these covers, I’d highly recommend opening up the cover a few days before having any sort of people over to enjoy the pool. This is because in the event that it doesn’t open, well then you have some time to get someone out to repair the cover before people arrive.

And a couple more quick ones:

  • Good: Keeps the dirt from getting into your pool.
  • Bad: Prevents the chlorine in the pool from dissipating as it needs to.


What it Comes Down To:

An automatic pool cover can help you to save in certain ways when it comes to your time and overall maintenance, but you should plan to have a budget of around 1k a year for it. This is because when you need to replace the cover in five or six years, its going to cost you around 5k. That’s without the motor and everything else.

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